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Don’t Wait For Symptoms

dental symptoms

This can affect your health silently

A preliminary study suggests that the incidence of periodontal disease, the most advanced form of gum disease, may be 2-3 times higher than previous estimates. We find this very disturbing because only about 3% of those afflicted with gum disease seek treatment for it. Why so few? We’ve chatted about this at our staff meetings, and all of us believe it’s because people don’t understand that gum disease has long-term and potentially life-threatening implications if untreated.

Knowledge is power, and we feel the responsibility to ensure that you have it…

  • Gum disease has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, lung disease, some cancers, and also to complications in pregnancy.
  • It can arrive without symptoms or discomfort.
  • It’s highly treatable and can sometimes be reversed.
  • Regular re-care visits and effective home care can halt its progression and its potential impact on your body.

How can there be a mouth-body connection? Your body is comprised of a number of different vital systems which are intimately connected. For example, your mouth is the first step in the digestive system and problems with mastication can affect this system. As well, an oral condition, inflammation for example, can set up a reaction which has repercussions throughout your body. As science reveals more about the complex associations between body systems, it grows increasingly clear that healthy teeth and gums are essential to your overall health.

If it’s been a while since your last appointment, please call us at 780-455-2389 to schedule an appointment!* Not that periodontal disease causes these other conditions but it can make them more difficult to manage.

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