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This system addresses developing malocclusion (the way the teeth come together) in younger children before growth and development are complete.The main culprits causing underdeveloped jaws and subsequently crowded teeth are poor oral habits such as digit sucking, mouth breathing and incorrect swallowing. These habits cause muscle imbalances which lead to altered growth and development of the jaws. The Myobrace appliances along with muscle excersizes(sp?) can correct bad oral habits in growing children and improve dental as well as facial development. The appliances are worn for an hour a day, during normal daily activity and overnight.

The Myobrace system may not correct all the dental problems a child may present with but it does help to lay a more solid foundation where the teeth need not be moved as much thus shortening treatment time and improving retention, without having to wear retainers for a lifetime.

The same principles are used to treat adult patients although more conventional appliances are often required to assist in undoing a lifetime of poor oral habits. Treating oral conditions in their early development maximizes a child growth which certainly makes sense to us at Art and Science Dental.