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For your accessibility we take assignment of benefits from most insurance organizations. Assignment of benefits implies that your dental insurance organization sends installment directly to the dental office. To submit claims we will require applicable insurance information, such as:

  • Your full name (as on your insurance card)
  • Your birth date
  • Your current address
  • Your work address
  • Group or Policy #
  • Certificate or Identification #
  • The name of the Insurance Company

You must provide us with an insurance card and the majority of the previously stated information so our office may check your scope and record for your insurance claim. Your insurance strategy is an agreement between you, your boss, and the insurance organization. We are NOT a party to that agreement. Our relationship is with you and not your insurance organization. Insurance organizations don’t illuminate dental workplaces of any progressions to your dental insurance approach. Please keep us up-to-date with any changes to your current insurance policy.

Some insurance organizations don’t permit assignment insurance and pay direct to the customer. In such a case, you would be obliged to pay the offset owing at the end of each appointment. We will present your dental claim for your records, and the installment will be sent directly to you from the insurance organization.

You are responsible of the fees charged by our dental office. Notwithstanding, that we gauge your insurance benefits we are not responsible for their exactness. Awareness of benefit amounts, limitations, exclusions, waiting periods, etc. is entirely your responsibility. Accepting our services shows your acknowledgement of obligation to pay the funds owed. All charges not paid for by your dental insurance organization are your obligation paying regardless of the reason for non-payment.

Payment is due on the date that services are rendered. If you do have insurance benefits we will collect the co-payment, the amount not paid for by your dental insurance, following the transmission of your dental insurance claim, on the date services are rendered.