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Root canal treatments are performed when there is a problem with the nerve of the tooth. Most often it is the only alternative to losing the tooth and possibly infecting neighboring teeth if an infection is present. Root canal treatments have been given a bad name even though they are often very easily and comfortably delivered.

Why does a tooth need a root canal treatment?

  • Physical irritation caused by deep decay, or a large filling
  • Trauma which affects the nerve of the tooth

Regardless of the reason, the nerve becomes irritated and infected. While sometimes you feel nothing, the pain can be very intense. The infection which may be present at the tip of the root(s) eats a hole in the bone around the tip of the root; there can be a pressure buildup within the tooth causing pain and sometimes swelling.

Our primary goal when performing a root canal treatment is to relieve the pain and discomfort you may be feeling. The process entails making a small opening into the tooth and cleaning and sterilizing the canal system in the roots. The canal is sealed with a synthetic material acting like a cork to keep bacteria out. The rct may be accomplished in 1 – 3 appointments depending on many variables. In most cases this tooth then requires a restoration to protect it from breakage and restore it to full function.

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