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teeth-whitening edmontonTooth whitening is a simple, safe procedure used to lighten the color of your natural teeth and enhance your smile. We found Kor material to be a very effective whitening solution which releases oxygen deeply into your teeth to dissolve stain molecules. This system produces dramatic and lasting results requiring easy home maintenance. This system even whitens tetracycline stained teeth which have long been considered to be impossible to lighten.

We begin by a thorough examination to evaluate if you are a good candidate for this procedure, making sure there are no underlying concerns like sensitivity or tooth decay. We then take impressions of your teeth to create custom trays which you can wear overnight. Depending on the starting shade of your teeth you may choose to whiten your teeth in office first, much like what is done with the Zoom system.

This lightens quickly but can create tooth transient sensitivity, lasting 2-5 days. Or you may decide to do the take home system only, which offers you the greatest comfort and control. You can wear the trays until you have attained the tooth shade you desire. This usually takes 1-3 weeks. The choice is yours.

The whitening shade is not permanent touch ups are required every 6-12 months. You simply purchase more whitening solution and use your custom trays to retreat the teeth for 3-7 days. Call us to schedule your consultation appointment to discuss how we can brighten your smile and increase your confidence.

Teeth whitening edmonton