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Night guards are worn while you sleep to reduce the stress and wear on your teeth. They are preventative appliances that can eliminate the heavy unconscious tooth-on-tooth forces experienced during the night. There are many options for patients including choice of upper or lower jaw appliances. In some cases, even if you are not aware of signs or symptoms your dentist will be able to diagnose signs of progressive wear and will suggest a night guard to prevent the development of additional signs and symptoms (like jaw soreness and headaches).

Neuro muscular dentistry

Neuromuscular dentistry focuses on correcting jaw misalignment. We will determine the optimal position of the jaw, and will realign it using various procedures, such as cosmetic restorations or orthodontics.

These procedures help to:

  • Reduce stress to the jaw
  • Readjust misalignment
  • Corrects upper and lower jaw problems
  • Sooth pain and swelling
  • Eliminates symptoms of TMD

Types of Neuromuscular Dentistry

  • ULF-TENS low frequency electrical stimulation
  • Using an appliance to stabilize the jaw
  • Orthodontics
  • Re-contouring of the teeth if necessary
  • Various jaw exercises
  • Cortisone shots to combat inflammation and pain

Neuromuscular dentistry can be effective for correcting jaw problems and combatting tension in the neck, jaw and facial areas. Neuromuscular procedures can also be used to correct chronic pain on migraines.